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Cold beer, good food, great company and all the fun you could want!

Bridge St. Grill
Hwy 75
Lower Stanley, Idaho 83278

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The Story Behind the Name Bridge St.


 On February 25, 1919, executive order No. 3041 ,was signed by President Woodrow Wilson and withdrew land from the Challis National Forest to reserve the property for a town site.  About July of 1921 the Federal Government accepted the surveyed plat of "Stanley Townsite" now known as Stanley Government Townsite, referred to as Lower Stanley, to be sold to the public to the highest bidder.  When the survey was being done a wood bridge already existed across the river to William Woolley's Ranch.  So on the plat they named the street "

Bridge Street".  In 1937 William Woolley purchased two lots of "Stanley Townsite" one for $35.00 and the other for $40.00.  Later, his son Dan Woolley inherited the property and the ranch and also purchased a house on four lots on the adjacent side of the Bridge Street.  In 1980 He started vacation proceedings on Bridge Street, but was killed later that year.  In 1994 Dan's son Brett started the vacation proceedings again.  After four years of obstacles the street was finally vacated.  In 2002 Brett, his wife, and their three children built the restaurant.  Brett also purchased the original townsite lots from the family.  Brett, his mother and two brothers still own the ranch across the river.


About the Bridge


 The original bridge washed out in the 70's.  From that time until 1996 the only way across was to wade or use the cable car.  After seven years of paperwork for permits to replace the bridge that washed out, Brett, his brother Dan and friends started to rebuild the Bridge in 1994.  In the summer of 1995 the concrete was poured, in the summer of 1995 the beams were placed and in the summer of 1996 the decking was placed.  You'll notice there's no railing on the bridge.  Don't worry it's twelve feet wide and rated for 60,000 pounds.  The old wood bridge didn't have railing either, but that's not the real reason why there's no railing.  The family got tired of the bridge taking up all of Brett's summers.


 Family owned and family run by one of the oldest pioneering names in this part of Idaho. We can do all kinds of catering too! Try to eat one our famous Woolley Mammoth Burgers. We serve Steaks, Ribs, Seafood, Burgers, Buffalo Wings and Desserts. There is a choice selection of adult beverages on hand. Sit on the deck hovering the Salmon River and watch the wildlife. Bring your field glasses and observe the nesting Bald Eagle. There is great live music to listen to during the warmer months!

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